Here are some of the most commonly asked questions

Why should I trust the shipment of my car with Access Car Transport?

We have the necessary experience and expertise to exceed our customers’ expectations by continually delivering on-time deliveries at the best prices.

We are focussed on car transport and take pride in offering the best possible service on the island.

Will my vehicle be insured while it is in transit?

All the vehicles are fully insured from the moment they are delivered at our depots or collected by our drivers until they are handed over to you – our client.

Are there any hidden charges?

Our prices are inclusive of all costs such as taxes and port charges.

There are no hidden charges.

Do you only ship cars or do you also ship vans, trucks and motorcycles?

We ship cars, small vans and motorcycles. For big vans and trucks we would need to have the dimensions together with a picture of the vehicle to see if it would fit on our trucks.

How long do I have to wait for my car to be transported?

We have weekly departures. Transit time is approximately 7 days.

How far in advance should I make a reservation? Do you take bookings?

We do not take bookings, but we always advise our clients to let us know at their earliest, so that we can take note of their incoming vehicle and transport it with the first available departure.

What documents do you require to ship my car?

We require a copy of the registration document to be left inside the vehicle for transportation purposes.

How many depots do you have in the UK?

We have 1 depot in the UK strategically located in Swindon.

The seller cannot deliver my car to your depot, how can I deliver my car to you?

For your piece of mind, we can send one of our professionally trained drivers to collect your vehicle, either by transporter or by trade-plate, and safely deliver it to our nearest depot.

What is the least expensive way to ship my car?

Besides being specifically designed to carry cars in the safest and most efficient way from one location to another, our modern fleet of car transporters are also the least expensive way of transporting your car.

Here are a few examples of alternative less efficient methods of transporting your car:

Driving your car:
Time consuming, more expensive, insurance hassles, adding mileage/stone chips, risk of theft.

Delays, mishandling the container will lead to damage to your vehicle, not enough space to properly open doors and to latch the vehicle and still more expensive than a car transporter.

Ferry Ship:
Once you include insurance you end up with pretty much the same price as a car transporter, delivery takes multiple weeks, and transhipments in various ports will inevitably lead to damages and theft of items from your car.

Can I pack things in my vehicle?

Personal belongings can be left inside cars but are not covered by insurance.

How far in advance should I make a reservation?

The earlier we know about your car the better. But to keep a fair system for all our customers, the first cars to enter our depots are the first ones to leave. Having a fleet of 40 trucks helps us deal with substantial volumes at any given time.

What happens if the customer does not manage to drop the car off at the depot in time?

We ship every week, 50 weeks a year. So don’t worry – your car will be securely stored at our depot, and then shipped the following week.

How should I prepare my car for transport?

Not much needs to be done. All fuel, oils and other fluids can be left in the vehicle since it will be transported by road on one of our car transporters.